Sam Kim & Kwon Jin Ah signed a contract under Antenna Music

Sam Kim & Kwon Jin Ah signed a contract under Antenna Music
I think it’s pretty obvious that these 2 belongs under Yoo Hee Yeol.


Both are so talented with their guitars.
Now I’m just left waiting for Something’s news.
& not sure if YHY have enough budget to sign any more of them anot.

I now know why I love Chief Gook so much in Emergency Couple


Lee Pil Mo acting as Chief Gook. // EMERGENCY COUPLE.

Lee Pil Mo acting as Chief Gook. // EMERGENCY COUPLE.

Oh Man Suk acting as Sun Woo Young // DREAM HIGH.

Oh Man Suk acting as Sun Woo Young // DREAM HIGH.



I love gruffed, socially awkward and those that don’t know how to express their feelings guys in K Drama.

Ah yes Ahjussi. How much do I love them. <3

Review of K Drama [Emergency Couple] 응급남녀.

Image — The Wikipedia page.

How do I even start this, every segment of the show I have different feel for it. To me, It’s a show like how Frozen the movie is to some people. It teaches about life and love. & I felt the relevance to it too.

Let’s start with some quotes that I really really love:–


Oh Jin Hee: There is no such thing as a perfect life. As you live, unexpected accidents occur, and irreversible mistakes are made.
Oh Chang Min: However, every time we fall and get hurt in life, we find ourselves always changing for the better.
Oh Jin Hee: By learning about the other’s pains,
Oh Chang Min: or by maturing a little bit more.
Oh Jin Hee: Could that be where love starts? So even though we may make mistakes and fail again, we will continue to grow and to try.”




“Since there is no right answer in life. There is only the process to make it the right answer.”
Gook Cheon Soo & Oh Jin Hee (from a book)


Oh Tae Suk - Did you hear that

“He told me then. “You just fell down once in your life. You just scraped your knee so don’t exaggerate too much. Life is long when you live it. Even a 70 year old man learns the Korean alphabet and passes the GED in this day and age.”
Oh Jin Hee (Oh Tae Seok to Oh Jin Hee)


/// All these and more are the life lessons I took away from this drama. Life is always made up of choices. There are certainly some that we made are wrong. But rather then complaining about it, we can change our attitude to make it right. All these are not major setbacks, sweep off the dust, paste a plaster or two, and stand back up again. & fight on. For all of what Giddens 九把刀 life motto is 人生就是不停地战斗. ///



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Conducive Cafes (in Singapore) to Work At


think ill try out Shots. Annsiang Hill is veryyyyy new office. good choice. but lack off power plugs? awwwwwww.

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There are days where we simply want to take our workbench elsewhere. Away from home, away from the office. That applies to me on most days. The problem with taking work out is that we need a conducive work environment and constant supply of caffeine. I often look for cafés to work at but there are some considerations I take into account before I decide if it is a conducive cafe to work at.


Having slow Wifi or no Wifi at all is simply a #firstworldwoe, but let’s face it, it’s the first thing we think of, and some of us have experience hitting the limit of 3G usage (there goes the personal hotspot option).

2. Ample power sockets to charge our devices

If we’re working on our laptops, and judging on how crappy the battery lives are for our electronic devices these days, power sockets are important…

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List of grattitude in Jan 2014

I’ve thought about it, people who are successful and happy constantly are thankful for their surrounding. And so I want to do this on a monthly basis to remind myself to be grateful.

  1. The manager’s belief in me. Would not have made it through Jan if not for his constant pushing and giving me ideas and steering me towards positivity.
  2. I’ve made it!!!!! It’s a make or break month, and I made it.
  3. My running buddy. His ideas pulled me through too.
  4. Keeping my focus to my one and only goal. Now i know how does it feels to be really focused.
  5. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. If I didn’t have that belief, I can never make it.

Feb is ending soon. But still, fight on. My monthly goal is yet to achieve!

Importance of a Personal Accident plan

Here’s a living example.

I was down with Food Poisoning — till now. My tummy is still churning, lesser bout of diarrhea but no less the symptoms is still there. I was brought to hospital 2 days ago and was placed in observer ward. Apparently, that’s not classified as a hospitalization as i was not warded, even though I was there from about 2200hrs+ till 0500hrs. Not sure if it makes a difference if I stayed more than 8 hours though. But the difference was, I went ahead to cover myself with the free dengue cover that we gave to our client back in Oct 2013, all because my manager ask me to do so. And why not? because I only had a old and not updated AIA Personal Accident plan my mum bought and kept till now. Tada, the use for it comes.

People please, don’t belittle how much a Personal Accident plan can do for you in times like this. When you’re not hospitalized, when you’re not total and permanent disabled, when you sprain your ankle and etc. This is what can save you.

By Personal Accident plan, what I meant are newer ones that cover H1N1, Food Poisoning, Dengue Fever and etc. Not those that just merely cover accidental disablement or death.

Whether if it’s through me or your trusted adviser, please get one done up ASAP. You’ll never know when’s food poisoning or dengue fever will hits you.